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How come I can't be this smart?!?

No, really. This is not only well made, but the IDEA behind it was amazing as well!!!

Also, I don't think anyone was expecting THAT to happen. Well done using the element of surprise and not a simple fart joke! I mean, those are fun, but they've gotten to the point where everyone tries to copy Egoraptor. And only he does a good job with it. Whereas you have come up with something that you thought was strange and kinda funny and you incorporated it into the actual film. I congratulate you for doing this well on something so dumb and pointless. Dumb and pointless in the way it should be, of course. That wasn't supposed to be insulting, but I don't know how to phrase things right.

But GREAT job, friend!

Anioco responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I'm trying to do my best :D

dis iz teh bset sonk pr0n evor

sonk iz teh sun ov k btw

bset sonk pr0n ev0r -eye jee ann

(good job. lol)

Blordow responds:

lol u r so ramdom wtf omg random lol wtf

This was really good!
Made sense, too. Really good, like Sonic's sub.
I hope Sonic has a good night. Even though there are glass shards in his head.
I see what you did there. Really funny!!

I went to see this. I had no idea it was on Newgrounds. I was like, 'Oh, cool!' I saw this. And then I think I lost my virginity again. One question, though. You doin' the Dark World for Zelda3 sometime? Or is that in the full album?

Pretty decent take on both Mega Man and the Harlem Shake. I like how Dr. Wily was still 'shaking' as the Robot Masters were beating him to a bloody pulp. This was actually funnier than I expected. Pretty underrated flash. One of the best parts of this was that the Robot Masters' attacks made it seem like they were 'shaking' too with the repeating attacks to the music. Very creative and fun animation!

"Shut up, Luigi! I told you a billion times to stop dressing like a girl!"
I think literally everyone thought that was funny. Great job, as usual.

I fear for Mario's life too. I like the sprite animation format. You guys made it work so well! I also like how you used different sprites for Luigi. It made it seem even more like he was from the future. My only question: Why is Super Mario Maker a TV show!?

This is by far one of the most revolutionary flash movies ever created. ESPECIALLY for 2004. Thus for a 10 Year Anniversary, I will give a VERY detailed review of the film.

Scene 1
Mega Man has finished getting through the area, unscathed. This shows that the player is very good at playing Mega Man II. Mega Man walks down the dark, dramatic hallway, and the door opens slowly. This is very good foreshadowing and storytelling. Such as when you start a film at the end and then answer why that is so.

Scene 2
Mega Man gets a Quick Boomerang thrown at him and quickly dodges it. lol quick
Then we are immediately introduced to Quick Man, a robot that, like his brothers, falls from the sky, lands, and does his pose. You incorporated so much from the game, that I wondered how I could buy Mega Man II. YOU EVEN LET HIM HAVE HIS SHINY BOOMERANG!! :D

Scene 3
So here we have Mega Man shooting at Quick Man and missing. This is normal. Quick Man dashes around like a madman, and Mega Man is then punched in the jaw, and spurts blood. Quick Man basically does this often. Mega Man immediately gets pissed and charges the Mega Buster. This was pretty cool to see, but weird at the same time, because he couldn't do this until Mega Man IV. Still, maybe this represents what the player's wishes are, or their anger as to getting hit. Quick Man dodges the blast, but not before his arm is laser'd. Quick Man throws another Quick Boomerang into Mega Man's shoulder, and Quick Man proceeds with his next attack.

Scene 4
Quick Man runs at top speed across the room at Mega Man, who is stuck to the wall by the speed weapon. Mega Man then switches his weapon to having Metal Blade, and fires, doing nothing. This is based off of fact. Mega Man, still unable to move, possibly representing the player's panic, switches swiftly to the Time Stopper. Mega Man then stops panicking and removes the 'rang from his shoulder and walks away. Quick Man lands to the ground, with the Crash Bomber still stuck to his head. He notices Mega Man somehow got to the opposite wall. Mega Man takes the final shot, and receives the Quick Boomerang.

Finishing Touches
You did very well, put in actual things from the game, AND you dedicated the film to a person; your uncle. I hope he saw this, because I know for a fact that he would be VERY proud. Rating?

Message from Dr. Light!!

5 Star rating completed!! Get your flash films ready!!


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This was and is a great collaboration. I like how well made it was. However, it is time for another collab. Super Mario Bros. 30 Year Anniversary
September 13 1985-September 13 2015
WILL YOU COMPLETE THE TASK!?!?!?!?!?!? GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJJ-asshole responds:

I'll think about it. I have long forsake Newgrounds, but change might come.

This is actually very good. In fact, this is how I first heard of the Protomen. And now I wish to make a flash based video of Act II and I, in that order. I would like to ask if I may use your videos (without the credits, if possible) for the two songs; Unrest in the House of Light and The Will of One. Anyways, You did a wonderful job on this. I hope that you respond. I hope to see you soon and maybe even collaborate on this! Maybe sometime we'll drive until the streets run out...then we'll burn until there's nothing left to burn about. (Based off of a quote by Joe)

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